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​This article appeared in the Winter 2008 issue of Boulder County Home and Garden magazine. 

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January 2014: "How To Increase Commercial Recycling in Boulder County," op-ed by Denise Perreault. Boulder Daily Camera, CO.

November 2013: "From Mundane To Marvelous: How Creative Reuse Centers Benefit Products, People, and Planet."  YouTube videoof lecture and slideshow to the Front Range Bioneers, University of Colorado, Boulder.

December 2008 - January 2009: "Tiles and Tribulations," by Denise Perreault. Journal-style article about the making of "Tara's Tiles." Beadwork Magazine.

Winter 2008: "An Artist's Abode."  Photograghs and accompanying article about the home remodelled by Denise and her husband, David Low. Boulder County Home and Garden Magazine.

March/April 2008: "The Knight of the Royal Crusades,"  featured artwork by Denise Perreault.Bead Trends Magazine.

2004:"The Portable Crafter: Beading."  by Susan Ire. Book featured Denise's beaded vessel, "Aspen Alley Basket." Sterling Publishers.

June/July 2004: "The Beadwork of Ruth McCorrison."  Profile by Denise Perreault. Beadwork Magazine.

October/November 2003: "Recycled Beaded Basket,"  by Denise Perreault. Cover photo and article. Beadwork Magazine.

2003:"Netted Beadwork,"  by Diane Fitzgerald. Book features Denise's piece, "In My Victorian Dreams." Interweave Press. 

October/November 2001: "Secrets of the Glass Seed Bead Industry," by Denise Perreault. Beadwork Magazine.

2001:"Beading With Brick Stitch,"by Diane Fitzgerald. Book featured Denise's beaded valance, "Medieval Village." Interweave Press.

May/June 2000: "Large Scale With Small Beads," by Denise Perreault. Beadwork Magazine.

Spring 1999: "Spicy Bottles," by Denise Perreault. Cover photo and article. Beadwork Magazine.

Fall 1998: "Leaf Me Alone,"  ​by Jean Campbell. Article about Denise's first "glass curtain." Beadwork Magazine.

May/June 1996: "Backless Woven Blouse,"  by Denise Perreault. Handwoven Magazine.