"Butchering 'La Boheme,'" 2006. 6" H X 4" W. Glass seed beads over hand-built armature and vintage martini glass. Collection of the artist.​

"Filling Bellies At The Border," 2011, 10" H X 15" Dia. Glass seed beads, seeds, and findings over Mexican ceramic wind chime

​FOR SALE: $875 plus $22 insured shipping.

​"As Supple As Steel," 2010., 44" H X 40 Dia. Vintage doll on beaded fireplace screen with silk, feather, lace, and findings. 


"Bubbly Bliss," 2014. 6" W X 5" H. Glass seed beads over hand-built armature; faux pearls, leather, and findings with miniature brass tub. 

FOR SALE: $695 plus $20 insured shipping.

"Fishionista," 2012, 6" H X 9" L.  Glass seed beads, hand-made polymer clay shoes, and findings over vintage velvet strawberry pin cushion. ​Collection of the artist.

​"The Freaks Ride the Ferris Wheel," 2008, 22" H X 19" W X 6" D. Glass seed beads, antique faceted beads and brooches, and findings over metal flower pot wheel with hand-built armatures. The detail at right shows The Misogynist at top center. Other "freaks" clockwise are: The Trophy Wife, The Sports Fanatic, The Religious Fundamentalist, The Bigot, The Animal Hater, and the Homophobe.  This piece took about 6 months to complete and was inspired by my definition of 21st century freaks. 

FOR SALE: $ 9,600 plus $40 shipping.

"The Men Eat First," 2011. Each approx. 9" H x 7" W. Glass seed beads and findings over Indonesian folk art candle holders. Private collection, Kansas, USA.

"Shrine To The Ice Queen," 2013, 8" H x 6" W. Mixed media with seed beaded head, vintage letter box, broken jewelry, glass bottle, optical glass rabbit figurine, vintage glass bird ornament, ermine tail. Collection of the artist.

       ​American mixed media artist Aaron Kramer says "trash is just a failure of imagination." For millions of artists like me, there's something deeply satisfying about creating art from found objects. Almost anything holds artistic possibilities and is often the inspiration for a new piece. Here, you'll find found objects like a vintage egg basket without its wood handles, an old flower pot wheel abandoned in an alley, a vintage strawberry pin cushion, a martini glass, a wire coat hanger. It's exhilarating to be challenged with new uses for cast-off, obsolete objects. There is beauty in the mundane if we take the time to see beyond their original intentions.

Seed Bead Sculptures and Vessels

Sunflower Beaded Belt, 1997. Handwoven on Indian bead loom with glass seed beads and vintage brass buckle. Collection of the artist.

Custom  orders accepted: 

small (men's or women's) $575

medium $600

large $650, (sorry, no extra large available)

plus $20 insured shipping

Penguin, 2001, 10" H X 5" W. Glass and plastic beads on coat hanger with silver and onyx finding. Collection of the artist.​​


Cheerfully Attempted

"Aspen Alley Basket," 2003, 11" H X 35" DIA.  Glass seed beads, Christmas garland beads, wood and plastic beads, and Jamaican jonkra seeds over vintage metal egg basket.  Collection of the artist.

Building on my enthusiasm for assemblage, bricolage, mixed media, and found object art, I founded Art Parts Creative Reuse Center in 2011 to serve Boulder County, Colorado, educators,

students, artists, and the public. Our non-profit collects donated, reusable industry surplus and other art/craft/office/resourceful materials to sell at low cost.

We're located at 2870 Bluff Street, Boulder, in the commercial heart of town.

open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, 10:30 -5:30; Thursday, noon - 7pm.




"Steamed to Near Fainting In Her Corset," ​2010, 5" H X 4" W. Grandmother's antique porcelain pin cushion figurine, metal steamer slats, faux pearls and findings. 

​FOR SALE: $180 plus $12 insured shipping.

"Ancestral Home," 2009. Glass seed and other beads over milk crate. Private collection, Louisville, Colorado.


​Now you know why my creative output has been limited since 2011!

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